Thursday, April 22, 2010

Something bearing resemblance to productivity

Not a whole lot on this side of the peninsula to report. Finals are lurking just around the week, which means Summer semester isn't too far off. Not looking forward to either. 

On the bright side, I was notified a few weeks ago that one of my works was selected for FSU's Tallahassee International 25th Annual Juried competition, which took me completely by surprise. Here's the page with all the selected works for the exhibit. I may need to fix up the piece before mailing it to FSU's gallery since it's a bit worse for wear and I'd prefer that they not end up rejecting it - a right they have if they deem the work doesn't meet their requirements for craftsmanship and quality upon arrival. That sure would be a kick in the balls.

I did managed to finish a piece a week ago for my Intermediate Drawing course, although I'm still sort of on the fence about the final image:

Stretching Before and After
Gouache, ink, color pencil, and oil pastel
Intermediate Drawing, 2010
32 x 40 inches


  1. man, that picture's awesome. it's like Asian folk art meets an old psych album cover with little hints of children's fantasy book illustrations.

  2. it will come in handy when i star my psychedelic korean folk band for kids.