Friday, June 25, 2010

All agents defect

Since this blog was intended to keep track of my progress and work as far as art goes, I knew I wouldn't update this thing as much as I should. That being said, Summer A semester is over and Beginning Painting was great. Things started off questionably due to my inexperience with oil paint (never used it before), but I eventually figured out the minimal basics for the most part. Here is my final, and I'm fairly happy the way it turned out.

I got an internship at USF's College of The Arts almost a month ago and so far so good. Highlights so far have been getting to interview Trong Nguyen, an artist and curator who is a USF alumni and recently eliminated from Bravo's Work of Art: The Next Great Artist (what a dumb fucking title), and conducting an interview with another alumni from the music department whose six-year-old daughter recently played piano at three shows at Carnegie Hall. She was too cute for words, it was almost disgusting.

Looking forward to Summer B, which starts next Monday (woohoo, weekend vacation!) and letting the incoming ass ton workload at the internship bury me alive.

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